The goal of CE Avionics’ sales team is 100% customer satisfaction.

Our approach is much like visiting the doctor who assesses lifestyle, current well-being, and identifies health issues. Through our initial consultation, we determine your specific needs, diagnose the “health” of your current avionics, and prescribe the best solution to optimize both your safety and flying experience. It is through this evaluation that we are able to unite customer desire with avionics performance. Cost is controlled by budgetary concerns and resale value of your aircraft. The outcome is a cost effective upgrade that will enhance any class of aircraft.

Our sales personnel have decades of experience with numerous and various avionics installations and aircraft.

  • Corporate Aircraft Owners and Flight Departments
  • Jet, Turbine and Piston
  • Private Aircraft Owners
  • Government Agencies
  • Part 135 Charter Operators
  • Flight Schools

With their extensive knowledge, experience, and guidance you can be assured 100% satisfaction with your equipment purchase. And the service does not stop with choosing the right equipment and agreeing on a price. When you leave our facility (or our mobile service van leaves yours), you are guaranteed a professional installation, appropriate FAA approvals, documents, and support data incorporated into your aircraft records, and the continued support of an experienced avionics facility.

CE Avionics offers service contracts for Rockwell Collins CASP and Honeywell HAPP/MPP programs.