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PN 071-01508-0701
HSI/GPS Interface Adapter
Adapter unit designed to interface King Bendix/King GPS units with various avionics in aircraft
Converts 3-wire heading from many HSI compass systems to ARINC 429 heading
ARINC 429 heading input from KA-90 allows heading-up orientation of KLN-90/A/B navigation map graphics
Converts resolver output of non-slewed HSI to ARINC 429 format to allow usage of non-slewed HSI units such as KI-525A, KPI-552/553A, Collins PN-101, Century NSD-360 and more
Converts binary formatted ARINC 429 to BCD formatted ARINC 429 to interface with KPI-553B and KDI-573B distance, TTS, and GS displays
Converts low-speed ARINC 429 (12.5kbps) to high-speed ARINC 429 (100kbps) to allow interfacing with GAMA 429 versions of Collins EFS-85/86
Converts high-speed ARINC 429 heading to low-speed ARINC 429 to allow interfacing with KAH-460 AHRS & ARINC 429 IRU’s to provide heading input to Bendix/King GPS units
Converts ARINC 429 bearing outputs from Bendix/King GPS units to 3-wire XYZ RMI and 4-wire SIN/COS OBI formats to drive RMI pointers on KPI-552/553 HSI
Converts ARINC 429 Desired Track (DTK) and Selected Course from Bendix/King GPS units to an analog format to drive course pointer on KPI-552/553 family HSIs, Sperry RD-550/650 HSIs and others HSIs
Converts ARINC 429 Distance to 6-wire (ARINC 561/568) format for Sperry RD-550/650 and other HSIs
Allows interface with Collins EHSI 74
Tagged Serviceable by Bendix/King

Weight 3.30 lbs