Gogo Biz

The Gogo Business High-Speed Internet system brings you the power of in-air connectivity keeping travelers fully connected to life. With Gogo you can usually connect and enjoy a rich user experience with speeds similar to the mobile broadband on the ground. Gogo Internet operates on wireless signals provided by the Gogo Air-To-Ground network, a reliable network of cellular towers spanning from sea to shining sea.

Domestic Broadband Internet and Voice for almost Anything you Fly

  • ATG 5000
  • ATG 4000
  • ATG 2000
  • ATG 1000
  • Text & Talk

Gogo Biz 4G

As the leader in aircraft connectivity and wireless entertainment worldwide, Gogo is on schedule to bring you Gogo Biz 4G soon and CE Avionics has the certified factory training required to install the Gogo Biz 4G now. We are waiting for it to launch so we can bring you the connectivity experience you want from the network you trust.

Visit the Countdown to connectivity page.


GOGO Avance L-3

  • Can everyone on your aircraft the ability to surf the web, check email, message and chat with colleagues wherever they are?
  • Can your passengers watch the weather and news to stay informed, or mix it up with movies, TV and magazines when needing to relax?
  • Are you interested in the most trusted, small, affordable, fully integrated and flexible connectivity solution for modern aviators?
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