CE Avionics Now Includes complete aircraft disinfection upon arrival
And after your avionics modification.

CE’s Technicians run a powerful ion distribution unit producing up to two million positive and negative ions inside the cabin for about an hour. This process kills everything from COVID type and influenza viruses, to Staph and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, to mold and other pathogens. This disinfection process produces no ozone.

For clients who also require line maintenance, pre or post-flight checks or return-to-service, support after extended downtime, CE Avionics mobile response teams can combine cleaning and disinfecting with maintenance requirements for easy scheduling and service.

  • Hand-sanitizing stations throughout the facility to allow visitors and staff to clean their hands more frequently 
  • We have increased the frequency in which high-volume, high-touch areas, including paper towel dispensers, vanity tops, counters, and door handles, are cleaned; 
  • Our staff must engage in proper hygiene by frequently washing their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; 
  • Dissemination of Critical Safety and cautionary information to staff members and business partners to help prevent communicable sickness throughout our facility,  offices, and service vehicles are disinfected and cleaned throughout the day – these measures include the use of disinfectant cleaning agents and increased frequency. 
  • Our Sales Department is working and available online, by telephone and by appointment for everyone’s safety. 
  • Our team is armed with hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes to provide the safest environment for your experience. 
  • Our Bench Repair Service and Parts Department are also open to serve you. 

Here at CE Avionics Inc., we want our customers to know that their health and safety are a top priority at our facility and that now, more than ever, we are committed to maintaining a safe environment for everyone who comes through our doors.