BendixKing Aerowave 100

BendixKing’s next generation high-speed in-flight internet solution AeroWave 100 Active low Gain Antenna (LGA) offers affordable worldwide connectivity to general aviation aircraft; including twins, turboprops and light jets. The new LGA is the world’s smallest footprint Inmarsat LGA antenna, enabling discreet installation even on smaller airframes. An integrated GPS simplifies installation by eliminating the need to interface with an onboard position source, and new, lighter components allow more flexibility on AeroWave’s location in the aircraft.

Data at Affordable Prices

BendixKing provides simple, easy to understand service plans based on hours of use, not how much data you use. Ho you have the opportunity to stay connected during flight with the world below without worrying about costs.

Send and receive emails. Sur the web. Stay connected with your business while airborne. Check the weather, instant message, chat, and more, all while during flight without altitude restrictions. A simplified monthly pricing structure means you avoid surprise billing charges.

The BendixKing AeroWave 100 Active LGA gives you the freedom to stay connected and no longer choose between getting away or staying in touch.